Max's Memorial...

Max and Ed

I was rescued when only 8 weeks old by a nice grandma and grandpa that loved me as soon as they saw me.  They had a 17 year old Shepherd named Sam.  He was old and not well.  When they brought me home Sam was a bit tired and grumpy.  He was so old that he had sores on his toes but was too tired to clean them up. He would not let my new pack leaders clean them either.   Even though this guy was big and scarey,  I slowly, silently crept closer and closer too him.  Each growl he made caused to stop and watch him closely.  Finally, I made my way to Sam's tired, sore old feet.  Gently I began to lick those feet with a love and affection that perhaps Jesus had for disciples when he cleaned their feet at the last supper.  Sam never groweld at me again.

My new pack leaders began to cry tears of joy because they knew that God had sent a me to help them understand that it is the joy of sharing your life with a dog, and that it is worth the loss when we go home.

The next 11 years were awesome, my pack leaders traveled with me everywhere.  We played and walked and talked and cuddled all that time. 

Then I got cancer.  On my last day here with them, my pack leaders told me that they would meet me at the Eastern Gate in Heaven when they get there. So I go for a walk everyday to the Eastern Gate to make sure I am there waiting to for them.