John Patrick Feeney & Muffin

Pat and Muffin in a contemplative momentJohn Patrick Feeney, known as Pat, and his dog Muffin were best of pals. Muffin was one of Pat's therapy dogs, a dog he had himself rescued from street life. The two of them are in the photo to the right.

Pat rescued many malnourished and stray dogs and had some of them trained in obedience training and therapy service training. He usually kept 4 at a time and brought them in twos to riverside county nursing homes and the vet hospital. Muffin was one who served in this way for a number of years.

At one time Muffin stayed put in the lap of an elderly man in a wheelchair, refusing to leave as the other dog greeted other residents. An hour after Pat and Muffin left the nursing home they called to tell Pat that the elderly man had passed away. Muffin had discerned the need!

Both have now passed on and hopefully their service will be carried on by others.

More Photos of Pat's Therapy Dogs

Pat's therapy dogs - getting ready to go to work.

Therapy dogs at work.
Pat and his therapy dogs at work. This little boy was afraid of dogs
...but he lost that fear after playing with Galloping Gus.


Galloping Gus
Galloping Gus - Pat had the "wheelchair" made just for him.

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