Grace and Lotus
Grace and big sister Lotus

The first time we met, I bent down to pet her and she climbed up on my knee and kissed my face.  It was at that moment that our fate was sealed.  One look into her dark, liquid eyes and a piece of my heart was hers forever.

Grace came into our home and promptly let the three greyhounds, all of them at least twice her size, know that she would be in charge.  As long as she had her way, and she was always first, there was peace.  She was smaller, smarter and more of a challenge than the three greys and worth her weight in gold.  She made it very clear that I was her person, and she knew she was special as well.  My wife always said “In Grace’s world, food is her god, then Mike and then everything else”.

I have been captivated by all sighthounds for as long as I can remember and whippets most of all.  I am sure that as the years pass, many a long-legged beauty will grace my home, but none will ever fill the empty spot left by Grace.