Devo Whippet

Yesterday I lost my good friend Devo.  He was about 16 years old, and it was known that his heart was slowing down. 

Devo - CEO and office dog of Whippet RescueDevo helped me out of the terrible time after my mother passed, and my first Whippet, Ashley passed shortly after.  I was devastated.

Devo, who had been on his own for a number of years, really did not need a person. He could take care of himself. But he let me into his heart and became my friend and confidante.  It is Dee who went to vet assist school with me, volunteered to be a "victim" every week, and subjected himself to the humiliating leash, after so many years of keeping his own counsel in the hills of No San Diego county. There was never a better "ratter" than the dangerous Devo.

Devo went with me to the kennel and helped create what is now Whippet Rescue. He loved to rule the office from his chair...which earned him the not entirely honorary title of CEO.

I gave him a sedative and spent the night with him on the sofa.  next to me, where he could feel and smell me. He continued to seizure. It was clear he was closing down. and he was a little frightened.

I took him to my favorite vet in the morning and she came out to the car and very gently put him to sleep.  She said it was time. He was with his best whippet friend, Hope, who laid next to him.

I miss Devo deeply. He was a "once-in-a-lifetime" friend...and he's left a very large space to fill at whippet rescue.

~ Patricia Shriner