DesiluAlmost four years ago, my wife and I happened to come in to Petco in Redlands and ran in to Patricia with her usual mix of rescue doggies needing homes. We had adopted a greyhound mix, who we named Orbit 6 months prior from All Breed and we hadn't intended on adding another member to our greyhound pack of two.

We chatted with Patricia for a bit and saw the most beautiful, skinny, little brindle whippet. Her eyes could melt a stone and immediately my wife and I became interested in adopting her. Patricia knew there was a connection instantly and she offered to let us take Desilu home with us and see if she got along with our two greyhounds.

We took her home and the first thing she did was run into the house and jump up on the couch. It was love at first site. She snuggled in to the couch and seemed to enjoy the other two dogs. We brought her back to Patricia and adopted her on the spot!

Initially she was very underweight, seemed almost depressed from leaving her last family, and we worked diligently for the next few weeks to fatten her up and give her all the attention we could. She settled in and quickly became a beloved member of the pack. She had an innate sweetness about her that was truly indescribable. She never complained, rarely ever barked, and did silly whippet things when she wanted us to play or when she greeted us with much exuberance at the front door. We were just as in love with her as she was with us.

About a month ago she became ill suddenly when we came home from a trip. We rushed her around back and forth to the vet until we received a heartbreaking diagnosis of primary carcinoma of the lung; a very rare type of cancer in dogs. She became sick and lost weight so quickly and once again we were desperate to fatten her up, give her as much love and attention as did when she first came to us.

Her oncologist was wonderful and capable, but in the end we had to make the painful decision to let her go yesterday because her breathing had become unbearable, she was obviously uncomfortable, and she didn't want to munch on her two favorite treats since she became ill: hot dogs and bacon.

With a heavy heart and lots of tears we gave our baby back to the Universe who so generously gave her to us in the first place. We don't regret a single moment and only wish we could have had more time with her sweet, sweet soul, as she was just over 10 years old.

We say now that Desilu has joined Patricia somewhere with her choir of whippet angels like Devo and they're all jumping 6 foot fences, burrowing under blankets, basking in the sun, and eating filet mignon. Goodbye Desilu, you were a good dog given to us by a good person. May you both rest in peace.

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