Sadly, Cecil passed away while waiting for a family to adopt him.
He was a little sweetie - but he was old when he arrived here.

Glad we got to know you, CeCe.

Here's a message from Cecil's foster mom...

You never found a home with an adoptive family, but you found a home in the heart of your foster mom, and her other Whippets.
Cecil, you were not a throw away dog, you were cherished every day you were with us, and while you were here only a few months before you passed over the bridge, know that you passed truly loved.  You were my shadow, you loved to ride and you were so funny hanging out in the back of my vehicle in the parking lot at the kennel....you owned that parking lot, and you were never going to be left behind again. You sat in your special spot under my computer and kept me warm while I posted other dogs.  I believe that you were sent to me to remind me how loved I am by those who need me, and to smile because of it. Cecil, my stalker, I think of you often.

Thank you, precious old boy, for loving me as well as you did.  I hope I returned it as well as you. 

Special Needs Whippet
CECIL, whippet, Male

Cecil is a registered purebred Whippet 14 years old. He spent all last winter in Highland CA, where it is very cold as well as very hot. He was separated from his family and lived two blocks away from where they lived. No attempt to find him is apparent. The other dog came home, Cecil never did. He lived and was fed by the kindness of strangers who left food for him. He lived on the property of an abandoned home, and dug a sleeping hole. Animal control could not catch him and lost interest. The neighbor could touch him but when she reached for him, he slipped away.

Whippet Rescue was eventually called about 3 months ago, and we got this guy in a couple of hours. Cecil has been here, fostered by Patricia. Mary Cutherell has had surgery done on him for a bleeding tumor under his front arm, and it is healed, he has had some teeth removed. He has been dated and named by a tattoo on his inner thigh. We found it after the second time he was bathed, This was a dirty boy.

His fur is very coarse from living in the elements. He has had to deal with other feral dogs in the area who took his food from him, and his only problem living in a foster home is that he does not want to eat from a communal food bowl. He uses a doggie door. We expect, with proper nutrition and care, for his coat to become more whippet like and softer.

Yes, his former owners were notified. They said that Cecil got out and was hit by a car and killed. What can we say? When informed of the vet bills, they bowed out of his life forever.

Cecil is wary of strangers, but very loving when he gets to know you, and will come up on the sofa with me. He loves to be spoken to and walks on a leash. He is living communally. "CeCe" has picked his own spot on a small love seat and his nose is quite out of joint when another dog is there, he simply stands and stares...how whippet-like of him. "Yes, Cecil, I will tell them to move."