XocolatlIn April 2004 I adopted a hairless dog, Xolo, from you - his name was "Flea." I renamed him Xocolatl because he looked like chocolate. You had rescued him from the Ramona City Animal Shelter. He was 12 years old.

Xocolatl died recently at home with me by his side after being diagnosed with lymphoma one week earlier. He had been perfectly healthy up to the day before his diagnosis.

I just wanted to let you know what became of him. He was the BEST dog I ever had, and I have three other dogs. He was very sensitive, expressive, kept watch over me at all times without being fawning, he was protective and possessive, a great watch dog, funny, playful, and a living work of art/sculpture to look at.

He had a hard time at first adjusting, but with time he got happy and even played with my labrador (whirling dervish that he was she didn't know what to make of his style of play but she did her best).

XocolatlI can't imagine life without him, he was such a big life in my home. I had a song for him I would sing when I came in the door, he followed me around, he barked, growled, groaned, made squeaky noises when he was content, would beg me to play come-get-it with his stuffed kitty or bunny (his "biteys" when he got excited he HAD to bite something).

He slept in my bed, rode quietly and dignified in the car, paced twice as fast as I could when we went walking but let me catch up by waiting or sniffing. Although his previous owner said he didn't like clothes, he let me dress him in T-shirts and fleece, he appreciated the care and warmth. I gave him a silver bowl to eat from.


I want to thank you for rescuing him and putting his picture on the internet so I could find him. Our life together was so short and I am heartbroken to lose him but I'd do it all again. He was really special. Keep up the good work of bringing hearts together.


Mary Harrington