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Living With Whippets

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Tanner - a rescue whippetIf you have a safe yard, someone home for all or most of the day and you would like to share your life with a very affectionate and loving dog...a whippet is an excellent choice.

Here are the benefits of owning a whippet...

  • You will never be alone
    Whippets love their family - and special person. They will follow you, stay with you and be a very charming, gentle companion. If you don't feel well, you will have a warm and comforting snuggler nearby...usually under the covers.

  • Whippets are an "easy-care" pet
    As dogs go, whippets are quite clean. They don't usually like to get dirty - or wet. They are free from the usual "doggy" odor and they don't shed very much. Grooming is as simple as a quick rub down with a rubber mit or damp cloth. If they don't wear down their nails naturally, you will have to plan on clipping them regularly.

  • Whippets are quiet
    Whippets are not "barkers." This isn't to say that some whippets aren't protective of their homes - but they just won't bark and carrry on when someone comes to the door. In general, though, whippets are not considered to be good "watch dogs."

  • Whippets are fun to walk
    If you like to walk, a whippet is an ideal companion. They love going for "walkies" and will gently remind you when it's time to go. If you like attention, you will really enjoy walking your whippet. People have literally stopped in the middle of the street to ask me what type of dog I have or to simply say that my dogs are beautiful. Whippets are great "ice breakers." Children and adults are drawn to them - and fortunately, most whippets love to be fussed over.

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