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Success Stories


Here are our dogs who have found new homes.

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SPENCER, Basset Hound, Male
Spencer is a young adult purebred male
BASSET HOUND less than 3 years old. He's very friendly and couldn't be more handsome. Lots of beautiful dots.

He gets along with other dogs and likes people. Kids would be fine. He came to us by way of a puppy mill auction in longer needed, and disposable. He's a fine dog.


named by one of the kennel staff, this young male SHEPARD x PIT BULL mix is a delightfully cheerful young dog. At about 8 mos old, this male dog will make a wonderful family pet. He needs training, a secure yard, attention, and a family that will provide leadership, and let him live closely with them. He will, in return, provide hours of fun, keeping you active and healthy, love your kids and their friends, and when he gets to know the ropes, will more than likely bark at strangers. Here at the kennel he is not a barker, he is intelligent, however, and loves people. He would be a fine companion to an older female dog to keep him in line. Have we forgotten to mention how handsome he is? He is open and responsive.


16 mo old purebred/male
This boy is a beauty. He has, however, been left out in the back yard on his own. He is lonely, doesn't understand much about interaction, and will need time, TLC and training. He is not fractious, although he did arrive here very frightened. Rambois a HIGH BALL DRIVE DOG and would be an
excellent candidate for training for sports, search and rescue, or drug sniffing.

His crime?
"He scares our 5 year old". The solution? Training and attention. This is NOT a solitary animal, this is a being that functions best as part of a group (or pack), and YOU are the leader.
If you love this loyal and intelligent breed as much as we do, please consider RAMBO, he is a "project dog". He will be neutered when he is adopted. That's probably one of his problems. An animal that appears healthy and well cared for can also be very neglected, this one was.


HURRAH, Chinese Crested, Male
Hurrah is a 3-year old purebred male
CHINESE CRESTED. I am very handsome and weigh about 9 lbs. I need an experienced Crested home. I am very sweet, but nervous until I get to know you...I'm very shy and need alot of socializion. I have never lived with children. I get along well with other dogs of all sizes and cats. Cresteds are a breed that can be reserved, but will warm up to strangers with handling...need a fashion model around the house? Hurrah is packed and ready to go...


MINDY, Pekingese, Female
Mindy is a 16 week old purebred female
PEKINGESE. Cute, small, friendly and fluffy. She will have a nice coat, she's a baby right now and still growing. Mindy gets along with other dogs and likes people. What's not to like?
- Learn more about the Pekingese...
- Pekingese Club


ABNER, Schipperke, Male
Abner si a 1 year old purebred male
SCHIPPERKE. This small, active dog is a little shy with people. he came from a breeding mill and has not had much experience. He would not be a candidate for a home with kids, but we would prefer an adult home
for this attractive small young animal.
With some time, training and tlc, he should become a wonderful pet. And the gophers and squirrels will stay away also..what a bonus! An understanding of this breed, which has an interesting history, is a plus and we suggest that you look up this breed online.
- What's good and bad about the Schipperke
- Schipperke Club


ROY, Terrier Mix, Male
They call me ROY because I came from Apple Valley. I'm a young adult (about 7 mos old)
male TERRIER mix. Small and friendly, I like other dogs, and I will need a family that has the time to give me attention and training. A secure yard would be a good idea also.
I would be a fine companion for older kids, or adults with size restrictions. I am friendly, intelligent and I love to learn. I have a low maintenance coat. I will be neutered and micro chipped at adoption.


DALE, Terrier Mix, Male
My name is Dale and I'm a young adult male (about 9 mos). I am friendly, like people and other dogs and I need an active, friendly home with a secure yard. Another dog, especially a girl one, would be fine with me. I would love to play with older kids or take leash walks with someone older who has size restrictions. I am about 15 lbs and I have a low maintenance coat, brushing will do fine for me, but I do not photograph dogs rarely ever do. Come see me in person..I'm waiting.


BAXTER, Basset Hound, Male
Same story as Spencer: He came to us from an Oklahoma puppy mill auction and no longer useful. He is a young adult male purebred BASSET HOUND. Baxter is a little shy, very sweet, and willing to please. With a little TLC, this handsome boy will become a cherished family member. Baxter has a great new home.


BENJAMIN, Basset Hound, Male
Ben is a young adult purebred male
BASSET HOUND. He is very friendly, couldn't be more handsome. LOTS of beautiful dots. He gets along with other dogs and likes people. Kids would be fine. Why is he here? We cannot tell you why he was disposed of, only that he came from a shelter, with the help of Daphneyland, Basset Rescue, who brought him because they are so very full. Benjamin has a new forever home.


MOLLY, Beagle Mix, Female
Molly is a 10 month-old friendly s/female
BEAGLE MIX. She appears to like everyone and loves to play with other dogs her size. Her former owners say they simply did not have time for a dog. It is hard to resist cute puppies, and then they grow up. She has a long body and funny legs similar to a Basset. She's got a pleasant temperament and a low maintenance coat. Molly has a wonderful new home.


SADIE, Shepherd Mix, Female
Sadie is an 8 mo old female Shephard Mix. What a beautiful young dogd! She has ears that are so tall they take your breath away. Sweet,playful, and she gets along with other dogs. She would be best with a male dog, most girls are rather bossy to other girls they have not grown up with. Sadie seems to prefer to be close to people, when fostered with other dogs, she really does stay in the same room as the human, and loves people. She is totally house trained, not easily alarmed, quiet, intelligent and altogether a remarkable young dog. Sadie has a great new home.


SULLY, Airedale, Male
Sully is a 1 year old purebred n/male AIREDALE — the king of the terriers. This handsome and well mannered big boy really is a dream to groom and handle. He basically gets along with everyone and lived with two other small dogs. He found chasing Llamas, however, more than he could resist, and he is now looking for a new home, much to the distress of his former owners. Sully has a new home to protect.


SILKIE PUPPY, Silkie Terrier, Male
Silkie is a 14 week-old purebred
neutered male SILKIE. You get to name him yourself! This little guy is friendly, playful and outgoing. Please have time for training and attention, remembering that he is a baby.
Silkie has a great new home.


Griffity is a very young purebred spayed female BRUSSELS GRIFFON. Friendly and adorable, she is really a cutie. She waves one of her front paws at everyone who notices her. IT's so cute, and so is she. She is a youngster, so she will need to have time and attention for training. Not a good candidate for someone who is gone all day. Griff has a great new home.


PRINCE, German Shepherd, Male
Prince is an aptly named 18 month old male
GERMAN SHEPERD. He is a nice boy with one slightly bent ear which gives him an "impish" look. He is gentle, friendly and likes people. Prince is big and handsome. He has lived with a small breed dog, and has been visited by children in his former home. Prince is a VERY nice and appropriate family dog. He's looking for a home....and he's found one!


BRIAN, Chihuahua, Male
2 year old small male Chihuahua
Brian is small. lively, funny, mischievous, and very cute. Brian has clearly be abused by someone. He warms up to women, and is funny, playful and extremely loving, but he is terrified of men. He gets along with other dogs, and kitties. Everyone at the kennel is fond of this little we are very happy that Brian finally has a new home to call his own.

Tintin is a young adult male purebred Powederpuff Chinese Crested. Tintin is a little shy, but also friendly. Very pretty dog about 14 lbs. He will need maintenance on his coat,and regular brushing will him him shining and sleek.
If you love silvery fur, you will like this perky little guy. Tin now has a great new home.

HOMEBOY, Basset Hound, Male
Homie is a 2 year old purebred male
BASSET HOUND. I came from a puppy mill in Oklahoma and I have never been anywhere or done anything. I am friendly, but shy. With some TLC and training I will be a wonderful companion. I get along with other dogs and would be fine with patient older children. I am very handsome, and now I have a new home!

MUSIC MAN, Standard Dachshund, Male
Music is a 3 year old male purebred Longhaired STANDARD DACHSHUND. He is friendly, funny and likes everyone. This is a breed that needs a secure yard, and is known to dig and sniff around everything. Music has a great new home.
Music Man

three year old purebred male
CHINESE CRESTED. Very handsome, ideal for an adult home with size restrictions.
Friendly and loving, and in need of some grooming and a lot of love - Blue has a wonderful new home to call his own.


BLANCA, Miniature Poodle, Female
Blanca is 18 mo old female miniature POODLE. She was brought in to us by a non English speaking family, so here is what we know: She has just lost a litter of puppies. She was filthy, and terribly matted, and all of her fur has been clipped off. She will soon have a new coat of fluffy white curls. She has lived with other dogs, cats and kids. She is a nice dog, and deserves better...which she will get in her new home.


BIXBEE, Wire-haired Dachshund, Male
Bixbee is a a 10 mo old male WIRE HAIRED standard size DACHSHUND. Bix is NOT a mini. I'm VERY friendly with people, cats, kids and other dogs. I need a family that can give me attention, I am a happy, and busy guy., I am able to climb chain link, but I haven't figured out how to jump over...yet. I was climbing because I was bored and lonely. My new family promises to play with me every day - yay!

REDFERN, Hound Mix, Female
Redfern is a 5 month-old female PLOTT X AMERICAN BLACK and TAN COONHOUND
Mom and dad both Coonhounds, different varieties. Friendly, intelligent, highly trainable and just an all around good family dog. We will spay and microchip this young lady. A very nice girl. BTW, Plott hounds are brindled...she is NOT a pit mix. Redfern has a great new home.
JACK, Terrier Mix, Male
Jack is a young adult male TERRIER Mix. Very cute, Jack seems to be attracted to children. This is a young Benji like Terrier who will need time and attention and a secure yard. He is willing to return the favor with obedience, friendship and a doggie lifetime of fun. About 20 lbs. Jack has a great new home!

ROCKY, Pomeranian Mix, Male
Rocky is a 11 mo old male POMERANIAN mix
He is small, cute and needs to be in an adult home. It is possible he may snap at young children. If you are a kid free environment, and would like to have a lap sized little pal to spend time with, leash walk and just hang with, here he is. Rocky has a wonderful new home.

DOOGIE, Schnauzer, Male
Doogie is a young adult purebred male
SCHNAUZER. He is friendly, likes other dogs and is an excellent candidate for an adult home who wants a nice dog to walk and has size restrictions. He is about 15 lbs. An alert, attentive, and intelligent breed, excellent for letting you know what is out and about. Jack has a home of his own, now!
TIGGER, Schauzer, Male
Tig is a 5 month old purebred male SCHNAUZER. This guy is not a mini, but a standard. He is friendly, likes other dogs, and is outgoing and rambunctious....He is a puppy. Tigger needs an obedience class, (as do all dogs), and we will require it as a term of his adoption. Tigger has a wonderful new family to play with!
SHELTIE SADIE, Sheltie, Female
SADIE is a 3 year old purebred female
SHETLAND SHEEPDOG ( SHELTIE). Shy and quiet, she would be an ideal apartment dog for an older person or couple. She has had obedience classes and loves to walk attentively on a leash. It is the one thing this shy girl feels really confident about, and she is always eager to put on the leash, look up at her person, and walk at heel. Intelligent and loving, she has spent all of her life, (with the exception of some time recently in a foster home), in a kennel. Sadie now has a real home.


RIPLEY, Long-haird Dachshund, Male
Ripley is a 10 week old purebred, male
Chocolate double-dapple longhaired Dachshund. Now, that IS a mouthful!
Rip is an adorable, friendly, active, playful puppy, but his genetics with this coloration should never have been bred. He is from a puppy store breeding, (you need to stay OUT of these places), and he has some limited hearing and eyesight. He plays with other puppies and is very pretty. Ripley now has a new home.

14 week old female
GREAT DANE mix puppy
This will be a large dog. She is friendly, curious, likes other dogs and will need a secure yard, training and a family that is looking for a wonderful new member to live closely with them. Dogs make better pack members and are more protective when they live closely with you, NOT left in the back yard all day and night.
Mudpie has a great new family!
Baby Boy Doxie
10 week old purebred male
Long Haired STANDARD Dachshund
friendly, cuddly and very doxie.
We recommend doing homework on this breed. They make excellent, intelligent pets, that will require some grooming.
Puppies need safe yards, and this one needs one he cannot dig out of, and training....which is just fine with his new family.
Baby Black and Tan Dachshund
10 weeks old
one male and one female
healthy,friendly, well cared for puppies that will need a secure yard, training and people to play with. These babies will become a gorgeous dogs that will need some grooming....which is just fine with his new family.

7 mo old female
Basset Hound X Hound mix
VERY friendly, loving and extremely handsome dog. She likes other dogs, would be GREAT with kids and will need a secure yard and time and attention.
This is a VERY sweet girl. She's still young enough to be very playful and silly and past the terrible puppy stage.
Jewel is aptly named...and her new family thinks so, too!


MAC DOUGAL, Scottish Terrier Mix, Male
Mac is a 12 week old male SCOTTISH TERRIER mix puppy. Very cute, this photo does not do him justice.

He is very full of himself, and likes everyone. Would be fine with kids, and other dogs, at this age, cats would also be easy to integrate. Simply adorable little guy...and he has a great new home.


DAISY, Pomeranian, Female
Daisy is a totally adorable little AKC POMERANIAN lady, who is 8 years old.
Her "mom" no longer has time to spend with her. She is little, she is housebroken, and sits, stays, gives paw, knows leave it, and waits for the door to open before going through. She likes cats, older kids and gets along with other dogs. Daisy is darling, spirited and full of life. This is a healthy, and very funny girl. Oh yes, and years ago, she was bitten by another dog and lost one of her eyes. Her surgery was excellent, there are no side effects. She's got a lot of entertaining companion in her. And she can be a pirate at Halloween...which is perfect for her new mom.

Here's looking at you, kid! Arrr!

PRICELESS, Beagle, Female
Priceless is a purebred spayed female
BEAGLE. She was abandoned at the age of 9 in a local shelter. While in the shelter, she was attacked by a cell mate and badly injured, sent to the vet and he did surgery on her and she has been nicely, and profoundly repaired. There was no fee for this fine lady, because she is, priceless...and her new family thinks so, too!


ROSIE, Pug, Female
Rosy is a purebred female PUG, born 12/0/02. This adorable girl arrived here from Oklahoma, very depressed, and with two newborn puppies. Rosie gets a lot of attention,and in the weeks she has been here, her fur has become softer, and she is simply adorable. Friendly, loving and curious. She loves the attention and is a great companion.
There's a lot of life and love in this one...which is perfect for her new family!

BETSY, Boston Terrier, Female
Betsy is a one year old, purebred female
BOSTON TERRIER. Every bit the Boston. Friendly, playful, agreeable, and very pretty. Her markings are really nice. She has already had a litter of puppies, it is a shame, but it is true for dogs that make puppies for pet shops. Bred early and disposed of. Betsy now has a great new home.

young adult purebred female
I am really cute, and brindled. Stocky, short and muscular..just the way I am supposed to be. I like people and I simply hate other dogs. You can be assured that if I am living in your home, no other pesky dogs will be in the yard, and you won't have to take me for social walks and wasting your time at the dog park. I would benefit greatly by real obedience classes WITH other dogs in them. My last owner never trained me or corrected me so I thought this was okay. It's not. My new family promised to train me. Whew!


JENNA, English Toy Spaniel, Female
Jenna is a purebred female ENGLISH TOY SPANIEL who is about 10 years old. This tiny and adorable little girl has spent all of her life living in a small pen on a puppy farm in Oklahoma. She was purchased at an auction and brought here. She is so tiny, very sweet, and deserves to spend the remainder of her life as a loved pet...which she will!


TRACKER, Aussie Cattle Dog, Female
Tracker is a 10 month old purebred female AUSTRALIAN CATTLE DOG - often called a heeler. She is a busy, highly energetic working dog. They LOVE to have something to do, and obedience classes will make them very happy. A yard and energetic kids to play with is a good start. A piece of property with animals to herd is even better. This young dog is very beautiful. She has gorgeous coloring, exquisite markings, and a tufted tail that is simply beautiful. She is the real deal for this breed...and she nwo has a great home!

1 year old male/purebred
Well, when we took a trip to the animal shelter to see who needed to be in rescue, (as in nice dogs out of time), we made the mistake of putting an arm into the cage this guy was in. He kept it...He wrapped both front paws around my arm and just looked at me, smiling.."If you want this thing back, you have to take me with it". "Okay", sez I, " can I have my appendage back now?". And it was done.

He is VERY friendly, rambunctious, and willing to please. He is a large dog, and with training, and attachment to his people, he will gladly keep out any intruders. It's what Shepard's do. Love and Protect...and Spike will do just that for his new family.
MARK, Shepherd/Lab Mix, Male
Mark is a 10 month old n/male Shepherd mix. Very nice boy. Quiet, loving and nicely mannered. This young dog came from a group of 300 dogs removed from a hoarder in Lancaster. Mark has more than likely been someone's household pet at one time. A lot has happened to this young male in his lifetime and he has come out at this end as a loving and kind dog. Mark now has a family to hug!
ROSEMARY, German Shepherd, Female
Well, mostly German Shepard - and about 8 months old. I will need a family that has time to train me and to give me the attention I would love to have. I like people a lot but I am still young and need to know what you want me to do. Older kids would be okay. I am very beautiful, mostly red with a black saddle and large pretty eyes...and my new mom thinks I'm beautiful!

Moses is a one year old purebred
I was found wandering the Cleveland National Forest, no one seems to know where I came from. The family that found me had another dog and kids. I seem to be very friendly and like everyone. I need some training, I like to pull on a leash, a problem handled with regular leash walking which I have obviously not had. I am handsome, and now I have a real home to live in!


BEAN, Boston Terrier, Male
Bean is a 2 to 3 year old purebred male BOSTON TERRIER. Here I am sitting in the slammer.....How'd I get here? Well, I am not yet neutered, so I went out for a stroll to find a lady and my owners never found me...but my new family did!


PICKLES, Mini Doxie, Female
Pickles is a 2 year old female
purebred mini DACHSHUND. She doesn't not like other dogs much, she hasn't lived with them, but she gets along with cats, and loves people. She covers herself up with her blankie and she loves her toy teddy. Pickles now has a great new home.


Schnauzer mix terrier female
1 year to 18 mos
She is about 15 lbs and friendly. She gets along with other dogs. We picked her out of a local shelter when she was out of time and looking for some options. She was found as a stray, so we really think she needs a new home that will care for her and keep her safe in a yard. Attention would be most welcomed for this nice girl. Regular brushing will keep this terrier coat looking spiffy and feeling good. Willow has a wonderful new home.

DOS XX, Chihuahua, Male
XX is a very small, young adult male CHIHUAHUA. He is very cute, a little shy, he warms up to you when he gets to know you. He came into rescue with his mom, dad and two sisters. He likes the company of other dogs, especially a friendly one. He would make a fine companion for someone with size restrictions. He is not a barker...which is perfect for his new family.

Carmelita (left) and Emilita (right)
Chihuahua Ladies
Update on Carmelita
Our small dog holding volunteer, Marcie has hugged me, held me and played with me and I LOVE IT ! This girl is ready for a loving home, she promises to return the favor. Thanks Marcie, you really ARE a life saver.

Carmelita and Emilita are young adult Chihuahua females. Carmelita has a great "mane" on the back of her neck. Carmelita and Emelita came from a home where they were having puppies but not socialized. Now they'll be cherished family members!

Emilita, Carmelita

CHILI Pepper, Dachshund, Female
Chili Pepper is a 4 year old purebred female standard Longhaired DACHSHUND. She is NOTa mini. However, she is friendly, frisky, curious, and altogether everything a Doxie is supposed to be including stubborn and funny. As nice a standard long coated girl as there ever was. She came to us from an owner that had an illness and,sadly, could no longer care for her. She LOVES to walk, and as a doxie, loves to snoop, dig out gophers and snuggle. If you raise prized tulips or something of the sort, she might not be the dog for you, she will diligently find the pests that are lurking. It's what Dachshunds were bred to do.

Chili gets along well with other dogs, especially a neutered male. She has been known to be bossy with other females. Her beauty and doxie nature lead her to believe that she is the queen of all she surveys, and she carries her self in this manner...which is just fine with her new family.



SNUGGLE, Malti-poo, Male
Snuggle is a 10 mo old male MALTIPOO. He's
about 10 inches and 10 lbs, at this age, he is fully grown.

He has lived with a family of kids, and three littermates. he gets along with other dogs, and at this age, would probably be fine with your cat. His grooming was difficult, but not once did he threaten to bite. he has a nice disposition. Soon this young boy with very soft silver hair will have a lovely super soft coat to cuddle and brush...which is just fine with his new family!

ABBY, Labrador Retriever Mix, Female
Abby is a young female Labrador RETRIEVER mix. Mom was a purebred Retriever but who was dad? She was adopted by us to a family in January ( at 8 weeks) and she has grown into a beautiful dog, but she has short legs.
Goodness, that's a surprise! If you like Labby looks and want a smaller she is..without a family. "We are moving and she can't come along". WE hear this 20 times a day. Well, Abby now has a family that won't move away and abadon her.

OSCAR, Mini Doxie, Male
Oscar is a mahagony colored purebred male
mini DACHSHUND puppy, about 12 weeks old. This small guy has a lot of heart. He also has a scar on his snout and we have no idea what caused it. He arrived here with it.
Oscar has been consistently healthy, friendly, and playful here. He is an unusual dark color. His body is a little short for a Doxie purebred, but he is not particularly what we call a "well bred" Dox. He was intended for a pet shop where people actually rarely understand the difference. Oscar has a wonderful new family.

7 mo old female
very small
Little Patty is a victim of one of those " it seemed like a good idea at the time" but not well thought put purchases. She has spent the majority of her short, tiny life living in a bathroom. She is living in our kennel office now, seeing everyone, and bossing the puppies around. adorable, sassy, friendly, intelligent, and very tiny, she will be adorable in little doggie suits her. Alarmingly, she immediately lost weight as soon as we got her, and was not interested in eating at all. Walking past her with a donut hole in my hand,she nearly flew through the air to get it was a revelation...she had been used to people food. She is being fed properly but gets an occasional people treat to boost her weight....She needs a loving home with a good sense of humor as well as the good sense to care for her properly. She's tiny, but she IS a dog and needs proper care and nutrition.
Absolutely adorable! We have enjoyed this tiny bossy little girl...and now she has a wonderful family!

BARNI, Basset-Beagle Mix, Male
Barni is a 1 year old male BASSET X BEAGLE mix. Very friendly, easygoing and not a big barker. He gets along with other dogs, and LVOES people. Please have a secure yard and a family full of playful and friendly kids would match this boy very well.

Barni going home with his new sister.

purebred female CHINESE CRESTED
about 3 years old, this is a friendly, and exceptionally beautiful dog. Around 14 pounds. Cream and white, and very nice.
Lovely coat. Good health. Likes other dogs.
She has never been around young children.
Spicy has a great new home!

HOLLY, Sheltie, Female
Holly is a 7 year old, purebred SHETLAND SHEEPDOG, (SHELTIE). She has already been spayed. Holly was found at the local shelter where she was brought in by her elderly owner who's wife's illness made it impossible to care for both any longer. Holly now has a new home - and a new start in life!

BLACKBERRY, Chihuahua Mix, Female
Miss Berry is a female 10 mo Italian Greyhound Chihuahua mix. She says, "I look like a chi with long legs. I am sweet, quiet, friendly and I get along with other dogs. I am probably not a good choice for a family with very young children or large rambunctious dogs, but you can see by the photo that I LOVE to be held and cuddled.
I am an ideal pet for someone with size restrictions and a big heart."

Need a long-legged cuddler? Miss Berry is waiting for you...


TIM TERRIER, Jack Russel, Male
Tim is a young adult male purebred JACK RUSSEL terrier with a wire coat. Tim likes people, is playful,and can jump over low fences...of course he does, he's a terrier, that's their job. Not suitable for young children or a home with another small male dog, he would probably be fine with a spayed female, especially a larger one.
Want a dog to teach tricks to? Need a walking companion? A smart small dog to sound an alarm at strangers? You might be looking for this guy with low maintenance coat.

Training and attention will reward both of you. he might chase cats, we really do not know...but he's a terrier, therefore, an understanding of this breed will benefit both you and Tim. Please go to American Kennel and look up breeds.

WINDROSE, Terrier Mix, Female
Windrose is a very small female TERRIER mix
no more than 1 year old. Named after the street she was found wandering on, she missed connecting with her owners at the shelter and was basically out of time. An armful of very cute, low maintenance shaggy coated cuteness. Probably another victim of the craze for teeny tiny dogs and at about 9 lbs she grew too big..who knows, someone else's loss is definitely your gain.
This is a sweet little dog. Best suited for older children because of her size.
GROVER, Terrier Mix, Male
Grover is a 1 year old male BENJI-LIKE TERRIER MIX. Very friendly, and undoubtedly cute, this young dog who is under 25 lbs would make a great family companion, and kids over 5 would be a plus for this happy dog. Fine as a second dog, but we do not know if he has ever been around cats, and we do not have any here. Nice little dog. He was pulled from a shelter when his time is up, and you should know, that with budget cuts, the state is now contemplating shortening the hold time in shelters. We cannot take them all, please make certain you really Do want a dog forever before you adopt one. This is a difficult and precarious time for homeless dogs, even cute friendly ones.

1 year old female
Another victim of the tiny puppy business, she grew bigger than expected and was tossed aside. EXTREMELY loving and very responsive. Sweetie would be fine with older kids, a retired home with size restrictions, or a family looking for a second pet. Sweetie has a wonderful new home.

3 year old m PUGGLE
Colonel Mustard — he's a mystery! Not much is known about this young male dog, other than he is very cute, gets along with other dogs, and is adorable. He has passed all of our safety tests, however, YOUR child may be able to think of one we have not. He is friendly, fully grown, and altogether a nice dog for a family looking for a new member. The Colonel has a great new home!
10 month old male silver
yet another victim of the curly, cuddly mixed breed puppy craze. He grew bigger than expected, the size of a tall toy poodle. He has lived with kids, and has a VERY soft coat which had to be stripped off of him because he had NEVER been groomed and his coat was in terrible condition when we got him. he's friendly, healthy, not a big barker, and we have neutered him. he will be a handsome, playful and friendly family companion, which is what he should have been in the first place. Downey has a new home - but he also has two more brothers here.
purebred female 10 week old Brussels
playful, friendly and homeless
We will require an application and you provide the home with time for attention and training. This is a small breed.

BAGEL, Beagle-Basset Mix, Female
Bagel is a young adult BEAGLE X BASSET mix. Sadly, this is not an especially good photo of her. She has spent her days having puppies for pet shops which is surprising to us because she is not a purebred dog. She is here now, and seems to like people a lot. She enjoys the company of other dogs and is very pretty. Bagel has the soulful look, short legs and long body of a basset, but is not nearly as heavy. Bagel has a great new home!


14 week old purebred male
Standard SCHNAUZER puppy
unusual white color
tail docked, ears clipped, and very friendly, sassy, brave and "schnauzer-like".
We suggest you do your homework on this breed. He is NOT a mini, and in spite of what everyone says about his photos, he is NOT a Westie, either. This really is a beautiful, healthy, friendly Schnauzer puppy. He likes other dogs, and at this age would learn to live with kitties.
Puppies need secure yards and training.

NEWBERRY, Spaniel Mix, Male
Newberry is a spaniel mix, possible corgi mix
10 mo male, under 20 lbs. He is very friendly, cute and likes people as well as other dogs.
This young guy came from a local shelter, out of time, and very worth saving. Excellent choice for a family with a secure yard, kids over 5 and time to give him the attention and training all dogs need. We will neuter him, make sure his shots are up to date and provide a microchip. This is a nice young dog with a lot to give. He will need occasional grooming,brushing will keep him looking quite handsome, and attention will keep this beautiful busy tail wagging. NEWBERRY has a very good new home!.

Big DONNIE, Labrador Retriever, Male
Donnie is a 2 year old male purebred
LABORADOR RETRIEVER. He is a big, active boy. VERY friendly and playful.

Donnie will need training and a secure yard, he is a large breed dog, and we require that for all of our big guys. He likes other dogs and people. He was abandoned here at the kennel when his mom never came to pick him up from boarding. Donnie deserves a great home, and now he has one!


FRISBEE, Chihuahua, Female
Frisbee is a young, female Chihuahua. She came from a shelter in Ontario where she was taken after being tossed over an overpass on the 60 freeway. She is not only miraculously okay, but she is also very pregnant and having puppies any day. What a miracle, and what a shame. Frisbee has a great new home!


BONGO, Jack Russel Terrier, Male
Bongo is a young adult male purebred
JACK RUSSEL TERRIER with a rough coat.
The worst thing we have found about this friendly, active boy is that he can jump, and will need a secure yard. An active family and lots of leash walking may just be what both YOU and this cute guy need. Bongo has a great new family.

EENIE, MEENIE, MINEY, Rat Terriers, Female
EEnie, Meenie, and Miney are three female RAT TERRIERS all about 2 years old- pick one, pick two, or take all three. These ladies arrived together, we are NOT encouraging any one to take more than one unless they are compelled to do so. They are shy, and would respond best with a human bond with rather than another dog. Living with another small friendly dog of a similar breed or size would bring any of these small girls out of their shy shells. They are inexperienced,that is clear, and came from a kennel where they were used for breeding, they are still young. All of them now have new homes!
Eenie and Meenie

Merle Basset Hound, Male
Merle is a purebred brown and white BASSET HOUND. He came to us very tired, hungry thin and being treated for colds, with his pal Maudie. These two came from a shelter in the high desert where they were found but never claimed. Maudie has already found a home, but Merle still needs one.

Both Merle and Maude have new homes.

Merle & Maudie
Ebony is about the size of a Pug. She is about 3 years old, and shy of people. She is not, however, a biter. She has had a career as a breeder for pet shops, so she has not had a lot of contact or home life. She is a beautiful dog if you like this monkey-like look. Her coat is dark and very smooth. This young adult dog would benefit from some TLC, and would probably make a fine companion for another small breed dog, preferably a neutered male.
No more puppies for this girl, she will be spayed, micro chipped and current on her shots. Ebony has a great new home.
ELEANOR, Shetland Sheep Dog, Female
Eleanor 2-3 year old female purebred SHELTIE. Small, intense, shy, and very intelligent, this is not a breed we recommend for small children. They are sensitive, can be shy, but bond very closely with their owners. She arrived very frightened, and spent a few days inside the safety of her dog house, but very soon started coming out and even approaching people. What a lovely little dog. Eleanor has a great new home.
MULLIGAN, Schnauzer Mix, Male
Mulligan is an adorable, friendly mail SCHNAUZER mix under one year old
Do you see the smile on this young guy's face? It's for real. He is eternally in a good mood, and ready to play, walk on a leash, hunt butterflies, or anything else you want to do. Obedience training will be a breeze for this open minded pup, very willing to please, and we recommend it. What's he doing here? Well, he came from a local shelter, where he was picked up, wandering and having a good time, his owners never claimed him and we did. Mulligan now has a great new home.
TEDDY, Chow Mix, Male
Teddy is a 2 year-old male CHOW mix. Two is the oldest he could possibly be. He may very well be a purebred chow. This nice boy came from a group of 300 dogs rescued from a hoarder in Lancaster. This particular dog is one of the first dogs to come to the front of his run when people come into the kennel. He does not bark, puts his head up to be touched and will lick fingers. Teddy has a great new home.
STERLING, Poodle Mix, Male
Sterling is a young adult male
SILVER POODLE mix. He is a mostly mini Poodle. Sterling doesn't look like a poodle because his coat has been clipped down and this usually makes people over look coated dogs. He also has a long tail which will be adorable with some fluff on the end of it once his coat grows in. Even more importantly, is his temperament, which is stellar. He is quiet, friendly, gets along with other dogs, and friendly kids would be a plus. He is gentle and loves attention, he has athe sweetest face ever. Sterling now has a great home!
five year old purebred
about 9 lbs
likes people, gets along pretty well with other dogs, but doe NOT like children.
This is a great little guy for an adult who wants a little fuzzie to hold and walk with.
Come and get him while he's still here
Sugar, Chihuahua, Female
Little SUGER Chihuahua goes home....finally
She is the precious companion of a woman in her 80's who has been wanting a small companion to love. Her son and daughter have agreed to care for little Sugar if anything happens to mom. Meanwhile, mom and Sugar are very happy, keeping each other young and loved. Live long and prosper, you two
Sugar's adoption

Lauren is a wire-coate mix Dachsund who is less than a year old. How did something this cute, and sweet end up at the shelter? Who knows...but the shelters are often full of cuties like this adorable girl. She is small, sweet, has adorable wiry coat and loves to be touched and held. She is an armful of adorable little dogness. Clearly, we like this little one a lot, and so will you. She is not noisy and gets along with other dogs. At under 12 lbs, she is a very special find. The bonus is that she is cuter than her picture. Lauren has a wonderful new home!


Help, Chihuahua, Male
I am a one year old male Chihuahua. I do not have a name at all: I was lost and never found. I am standing on my meercat legs to get attention. I really want to be someone's little dog. I cry for attention, but not loudly, just quiet calls of apprehension. I do not like it here, I want to be held. I promise to be loyal and sweet and not scare the neighbors. I would be a wonderful pet for an adult home with size restrictions, and someone who is also lonely. I would like a home please
Help finally got his wish - he has a great new home!

DARBY, Terripoo, Male
Darby is a young adult n/male TERRIPOO. A discarded grown up puppy, more than likely sold through a newspaper ad as a Maltipoo.
We pulled this matted youngster from a local shelter where his ear was so infected it smelled. He had a fox tail in it, and it is getting better now. It is not something chronic.
Darby now has a great home...and healthy ears!

BIGGIE, Basset Hound, neutered male
Biggie is a 3-year old Basset Hound. FRIENDLY, this is a breed that needs the company of it's people or it gets bored and sad, and can be noisy, when it has people around they are the most wonderful of companions. They want to live with you not be locked out in the yard all day. Biggie is aptly named, he is a big boy. Funny, happy and nosy, everything a Basset Hound is inclined to be. Biggie now has a great new home.

SURPRISE, Retriever Mix, Female
We turn the corner at a local county shelter and "surprise!" there she is. A cute young mostly white dog in a pen of other smaller ones. She's friendly, pretty, likes people and dogs and, at about 10 mos. old, is a quick learner. She would make a great pet for a family, and you will have fun training this responsive young girl. She is about 35 lbs, and at this age, pretty much full grown. She will need a little brushing, she has some "feathery" fur, but not a long coat.
A nice little surprise around the corner. Not surprisingly, Surprise has a new home!

POMELO, Pomeranian, Male
Pomelo is a very small (about 5 lbs), purebred Pomeranian, about 2 years old.
This pup came from a shelter, little is known about him other than he is not an appropriate pet for a home with young children. His fur is scruffy, he has seen some hard times, but it will grow in nicely, He is a nice color, and is a little shy of people. He has not had much attention. This little guy is more than likely the victim of an impulse buy and then discarded. Pomelo now has a new home to protect!


GOOCH, Coonhound, Neutered Male
I am funny, friendly, and love toys
Coonhounds make great family pets.
I am about 3 years old and would be fine with older kids, I have not been around little ones. I am not a big barker and I like everyone I have met. I would get along fine with another big girl dog. Gooch now has a wonderful new home.


SUNSHINE, German Shepherd, Female
Sunshine is a one year old female
German Shepherd. This smallish Sheppie girl is very active and friendly. She gets along with other dogs, and would make a fine companion for a neutered male dog. Sunshine smiles when she sees you coming...which we're sure her new family will adore!

Sunshine smiling!

BOSCO, Basset Hound, Male
Bosco is a purebred male BASSET HOUND
about 18 months old. VERY friendly and loving. Likes his belly rubs and enjoys other dogs but mostly people! We would love to place this boy with a family to play with. Bosco now has a family to love!


TITA, Cattle Dog Mix, Female
I am about 8 or 9 mos old and a female Cattle dog mix. VERY friendly medium sized dog with a great personality, and very loving. She gets along with other dogs and would be fine with a neutered male. A Great family dog with a nice attitude. Very pretty coat and sweet eyes. Tita now has a fun new home!


TERRI, Shizu-Lhasa Apso, Female
Terri is an adult male Shizu x Lhasa Apso cross. This boy is shy and unsure of people, but he has not expressed any aggression, or depression, only that he is clueless. He is active, however, and would make a good walking companion. Terri has spent most of his life in a kennel, he needs to have a person to teach him, be gentle with him, and with some TLC and training he will become a handsome, beautifully coated companion. Terri now has a new home.


ROHAN, Toy Poodle, Male
Rohan is a two year old purebred
red TOY POODLE. Friendly, handsome, small and ready for a home! This young guy gets along with other dogs, is probably not a problem for a cat, and likes people. He has never been around young children. He is crate trained, and scheduled. His mom became ill and had to move into a different situation so she relinquished her little guy to rescue. Neutered, micro chipped, healthy and clipped for summer. Rohan has a great new family!

Richard, American Foxhound, Male
This handsome boy is RICHARD, a purebred American Foxhound n/male - about 1 year old. He is what happens when a person buys a darling puppy without knowing anything about the breed. This is what happened to Rich...His older owners had a one year old large breed dog that needs training and exercise, and is curious, busy and a lot of fun. They said they did not have time to spend with him. This is a breed that needs something to do and a secure yard. Richard now has a new home to inspect.

TINKERBELL, Terrier Mix, Female
Tink is a female terrier mix, probably terri-poo. She is about 12 lbs, and fully grown. Not a barker, she gets along with other dogs, and is sweet with people.She is a small girl with a scruffy but soft, slightly brindled coat. Under a year old, she was found in a city shelter wearing her own pink tinker bell on her collar. How very sad. And how very cute.

Tink now has a wonderful new home.



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