Dee Dee 's Success Story ...

Little Dee Dee, removed from a shelter on the day she was scheduled to be euthanized, she is happily living with her new mom and dad.  Mom's name is Dee Dee also.

An Update...

Wow, how adorable is Dee-Dee!  Thank you for saving her and getting her healthy to adopt.

We have been settling in and doing great!  I re-named her Annie and you would think that was her name, she responds!

She has been playing with her new toys and resting peaceful in my lap as we watch "Lifetime" together.  I will have you know I have not heard a peep from her. She is a non-barker. 

Annie scratches at the door to go potty and LOVES the kitchen. So we are walking and playing at dog parks.  She really doesn't care too much about other dogs, more about me.  This little one will not let me out of her site.

Annie loves her grandparents house, granny went crazy at petco! (oops!)  As granny cooks Annie waits for the miracle drop, but I have put my foot down on extra treats.