Avion's Success Story ...

We just wanted to let you know how very much we Love Gabriel. (We named him that because he watches over the flock, and sound his horn when there is danger)

When we got him home we walked the perimeter with him, and then we let him loose. He went right over to where the coyote had come in; it was truly amazing!

The last thing a coyote sees...

At dusk he will patrol all the places there are birds to make sure everyone is in their place. Then he patrols the perimeter. After he is satisfied that the property and flock are secured, he lies down and waits. Lol

At first I was afraid he was “play chasing” the birds. But as we watched him we realized he was coxing birds away from danger zones at night.

Our birds thought we were absolutely crazy bringing in a werewolf to their yard. But now I think they know he is there to protect them.

Our horse, Nikki went crazy when we brought him in; if she were loose she would have stomped the coyote to death.

We brought Gabe up to her and they sniffed noses. They were immediately best of friends. INCREDIBLE!!! Nikki can be a real bitch, but she puts up with Gabe. She even lets him roll on her hay while she is eating.

If she is annoyed she will lift her back leg up, but she never kicks him. I have never seen anything like it; and I have been around horses for 48 years. lol

Thank you so much for letting us adopt this precious Angel. He is the most amazing dog ever.

Mike, Gabe, and a grateful bird!