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Why Do I Do Rescue?

I am often asked why I "do" rescue. This letter says it all:

Dear M,

Rescue dog is doing beautifully. He is the most sensitive, intelligent, affectionate and well-mannered dog we have ever had. He got along fabulously with our grandchildren, managed just fine in a two-room apartment, loved the ride home, and appears to have adjusted very well to our house, yard, and long walks every morning. He was very subdued and submissive the first few days, but has become as bouncy and playful as a puppy.

It took him about two minutes to figure out the softest furniture in the house, make peace with the cat (she lives out in front) and endear himself to us in every way possible.

Please let his previous owner know that we think he is just great, and that he has found a home for the rest of his life. She did a great job raising and training him. Thank you for allowing us to have him.


Now you know!

Mary Cutherell
SCWA Rescue Representative
(909) 795-4867

Chyna whippet: Beauty, warrior princess, and former rescue dog


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